About Us

The Savannah Quilt Guild, originally the Calico Stitchers Quilt Association, was established in 1983.  Our Sailboat logo represents the water and port of Savannah.  The squares symbolize the historic downtown Savannah squares and parks.  Logo colors are similar colors approved for restoration in the Historic District. 

SQG encourages all facets of quilting through educational workshops, member collaboration, and group projects.  Appreciation of the artistic and historic value of quilts and conservation of quilt culture are cornerstones of our organization.

Monthy meetings, September through June, encourage us to hone skills, share knowledge and support each other's artistic endeavors.  Meetings include Show & Tell, when members display their work.  Next, a program gives an in-depth view of a particular aspect of quilting art or culture.  Programs may include slide presentations, trunk shows, lectures, or demonstrations. 

Workshops frequently follow meetings, giving members hands-on experience in new techniques.  SQG also invites nationally recognized teachers to hold day or half-day workshops.

An annual retreat allows time for extended quilting in a more leisurely setting.  Our philanthropic work includes quilting and sewing for local organizations.

We also participate in group exhibitions at local venues and national quilt shows.  These activities are available for viewing in the Quilt Show and Photo Gallery.